Websites For Sale: 3 Sites in Business and Sports Niches

3 sites for sale! They are priced at $1,000 to $20,600. They earn via Amazon and Private Affiliate programs. Check them out!

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It’s clear! The demand for any type of site (established, fixer-upper, starter, etc) is high. All four sites in last week’s email have been sold. Continuation from last week, I was able to procure 2 content sites that are available for sale immediately!

Next steps: If interested, please fill out the form here to express interest. The deals will sell on a first come first serve basis.

Site #1:

  • Niche: Business, Entrepreneurship

  • Traffic Source: Organic (89%), others (11%)

  • Earnings: TransferWise, Helium 10

    October 2020: $358.92
    L3M: $290.62
    L6M: $292.69
    L11M: $191.37

  • Quick wins: a review page is generating $250 on average from the TransferWise affiliate program. However, there are no comparison tables, call to action buttons, or popups leading the user to TransferWise. A few other top pages (e.g., Amazon FBA, Amazon FBA courses, Helium 10 review) are not monetized effectively either.

  • Fixer-uppers: The domain is branded to an individual, Dom H. Traffic is on a slight decline (the last article update was added on May 24, 2020). The majority of revenue is via TransferWise which can be a risk if they stop the affiliate program or the page loses rankings. The site needs to be diversified long-term.

  • P&L, and screenshots: Download

  • Price: $9,299

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Site #2:

This site uses Private Blog Network (PBN) links. The PBN links were purchased one-time.
  • Niche: Sports

  • Traffic Source: Organic (92%), others (8%)

  • Earnings: Amazon Affiliate, Private Program

    October 2020: $617
    L3M: $611.03
    L6M: $736.67
    L11M: $1,029.43

  • Quick wins: Images on high-traffic pages are not linked to affiliate programs. Comparison table images are not linked either. Fixing these will increase conversions. 53.88% traffic goes to informative articles and they are unmonetized; add display advertisements to these pages for increased income. The last article was updated on 06/10/2020. Add new content and update old content for a traffic boost.

  • Fixer-uppers: This site has used PBN links to rank (do your due diligence). I would overtime replace PBN links with guest posts, niche edits, and other types of links to minimize risks. More than 50% of traffic goes to two pages; however, they bring in no revenue. Diversification is still needed. All Amazon links are using shortened links (; these will need to be manually replaced on each page. Two Google Analytics tags are added to the site by mistake thus causing double-page views and a close to 0% bounce rate.

  • P&L, and screenshots: Download

  • Price: $20,600

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Starter Site #1:

  • Niche: Sports

  • Earnings: $0, but can be with Amazon Associates and Display Ads

  • Quick wins: Brandable domain. Starter site with 12,000 words of content across 9 articles. Already ranking for keywords on the first page (e.g., how to punch harder, how to punch harder in a street fight). A quality backlink from Wikipedia was obtained.

  • Fixer-uppers: This is a starter site so it needs content, backlinks, and time. The site has a good foundation to build on.

  • Price: $1,000

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Next Steps…

If you are interested in any of these sites, please fill out the Google Form below expressing interest.

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Terms: Closing will be done via with 1 day inspection period. You are responsible for transferring the website over to your hosting.

Disclaimer: Websites are by nature a risky asset class. You are expected to do your own due diligence. Any purchase you make is at your own risk and liability.

Please let me know if any questions!


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