(SOLD) Site For Sale: Car Niche Site Earning $448/mo

Undermonetized Car niche site earning via Ezoic and Amazon. Traffic diversified across pages. Great opportunity!

Update: This site has sold as of 10/12/2020. If you are interested in sites like these, stay tuned to this newsletter.

For sale is a high-growth website in the Car niche. The earnings for the last 3 months were $448/mo (L3M) from Ezoic and Amazon Associates.

The traffic is diversified across many pages (the largest page has 12%). Pages are not optimized for affiliate earnings thus large room for improvement. A site redesign would improve conversion rates as well.

Website Details:



  • October 1-11 so far: $178

  • L1M (September 2020): $596

  • L3M: $448

  • L6M: $276


  • Ezoic

  • Amazon Associates

Traffic: organic via Google, Yahoo, and Bing

Why: The seller needs funds for personal reasons. He had no desire to sell this but unforeseen circumstances came up.

Site Metrics


Last 30 days:

Last 12-months:


Diversified Traffic to Pages:



How To Improve The Site: Quick Wins 🙌

  • Add Product/Buying Guide content: The site is dominated with info content. Adding product-related articles and then interlinking all of them would allow the new content to rank quickly.

  • Add Amazon products to info pages: Info pages have the highest conversion rates. Adding product recommendations to the high-traffic info pages would improve earnings drastically.

  • Improve on-site UX: the site can be improved with caching, image compression, etc. Easy fixes by installing different plugins. The design of the site can be improved (larger font-size, more images).

  • Linkbuilding: no link building was done. Adding links to the homepage and then inner pages would provide a further boost.


Price is $14,336

The website is exponentially growing ready for further monetization. There are many quick wins on this one.

Note: This is not a site in my porfolio. I am selling on behalf of a client as a broker.

Next Steps…

If you are interested in the site, please email me back with any questions. I can add you to Google Analytics, and provide any reports from AHREFs.

Closing will be done with Escrow.com with 50/50 split in fees with a 1-day inspection period.

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