(SOLD) Sites For Sale: 3 Site Portfolio in Education Niche Earning $554/mo

Portfolio of 3 sites in Nursing, Radiology, and General Careers earning from Quinstreet, Campus Explorer, and Google Adsense. Great opportunity!

Update: This site has sold as of 08/06/2020. If you are interested in sites like these, stay tuned to this newsletter.

For sale is a three-site portfolio in the lucrative Education niches of Nursing, Radiology, and general careers. The earnings for the last 6 months were $554/mo from Quinstreet, Campus Explorer, and Google Adsense combined.

Website Details:



  • L1M (July 2020): $591

  • L3M: $499

  • L6M: $554

  • L12M: $401


Traffic: organic via Google, Yahoo, and Bing

Note: these sites are being sold as a package since the reporting from Campus Explorer and Quinstreet is for all three sites together.

Site Metrics


Site 1

Site 2

Site 3


Download the P&L here

How To Improve The Site

  • Switch to EZOIC: Google Adsense pays much less than EZOIC (or even Mediavine). You can contact your manager at EZOIC to request these three sites to be added.

  • Add/update content: there are hundreds of topics in these three niches. Branch out to product and service-based reviews (i.e., best shoes for nurses). Add more career-focused articles.

  • Improve on-site: the site can be improved with caching, image compression, etc. Easy fixes by installing different plugins.

  • Improve CRO: Quinstreet and Campus Explorer have various widgets you can add on to a site. This site is not taking advantage of those. Adding them would increase income.


Price is $16,620

This is based on a very competitive multiple on a portfolio of sites in lucrative education lead niches.

Note: This is not a site in my porfolio. I am selling on behalf of a client. I personally do not have time to build out this site. If I did, I would have purchased it myself. I did have a site in the vocational trade niche monetized by Quinstreet about 2 years ago that I sold. These niches are lucrative and simple on-page changes can really boost income. I can provide guidance here.

Next Steps…

If you are interested in the site, please email me back with any questions. I can add you to Google Analytics, and provide any reports from AHREFs.

Closing will be done with Escrow.com with 50/50 split in fees.