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Let's set the stage: how I grew one site from $1,000/mo to $9,000/mo and another from $300 to $3,500/mo

I’ve been an active member of the Reddit /r/juststart community and thus many of my previous case studies exist on that platform.

I will summarize each of the updates I did for the sites I own so you can go back and read them if you wish. I will only post new updates in this newsletter going forward.

🔥 🆕 Outdoor Site

I purchased this site in March 2020 for $23,000. I paid a 73x multiple 😱 (earning a measly $300/mo). Usually, I would encourage people not to overpay as I did. However, I saw a TON of potential.

This is a fresh case study with only one update for April 2020:

  1. April 2020 (Month 1): why I purchased the site, quick wins, new revenue streams, and how I increased revenue to $3,585.67 in only 1 month

❤️ Dating/Relationship Site

This website was acquired for $37,000 from Flippa in April 2019. The site was earning $1,000 per month average. I paid 37x multiple. I saw a ton of opportunity and was willing to pay a high-multiple to avoid crazy auctions on Flippa. It really paid off as it now earnings around $9,000 per month.

Check out the case studies:

  • May 2019 (Month 1): covered reason behind purchase, how I structure my sites, my content team structure on Trello, and much more. Perfect update for beginners.

  • June 2019 (Month 2): adding more revenue streams, June Google update, and using link tracking systems like Clickmagick

  • July 2019 (Month 3): adding PPC campaigns with Google Ads and Bing Ads to generate significant revenue.

  • August 2019 (Month 4): Now earning $9,000 per month at this stage after 4 months…

  • Sep and Oct 2019 (Month 5-6): Decided to find a buyer to sell

  • Nov, Dec, Jan 2020 (Month 7-9 update): Post-sale and partnership details

Stay tuned for the next updates on this case study. We are working to really scale this up much higher than the $9,000 per month.

Other Websites I am Working On

I have other websites in the works that are in their infancy:

  1. Wordpress site: a high DR expired domain that was once a WP plugin purchased for $4,000 from Richard Patey’s website investing newsletter. I will be covering this project in a case study.

  2. Mom blog: this site was purchased in early 2019. It’s been earning about $250 per month now. I spend no time on this site. Once I work on it, I will turn it into a case study.

What’s Next?

You can expect a case study update for the ❤️ Dating/Relationship and 🔥 Outdoor sites. I will cover everything that happened during the May 2020 Google Core Update which hit my sites and what I am doing to recover.

Stay tuned!

Mushfiq S

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