great write up! im impressed with your diversification from amazon! fews questions :)

where are you looking to purchase fb groups? where are finding good courses/ ebooks in the outdoor niche to market to your email list?


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Nice work man! Really cool to see email's are paying off nicely! And super nice tip about creating custom private partnership with company selling product on Amazon. I didn't even think of this! Do they have tracking to see clicks/ sales from your website on Amazon?

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Your hard work is really paying off... Big uptick in revenue :) Thanks for the share. Interesting idea on the Agency. Basically you are trying to create an "Influencer Agency" instead of what we see a typical influencer individual, like Eric Cook (EricTheCarGuy) or Huda Kattan (HudaBeauty)! Will see how that goes in coming months. Good luck!

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