Weekly Expired Domain Picks: Week 8

My weekly picks of expired domains that can be used to build authority websites. I cover domain stats and my recommended strategy.

Welcome to Week 8! Today, I’ve hand-picked 3 domains. I cover my recommended growth strategy for each domain. The focus will always be on building authority businesses with these domains (not just niche sites).

Let’s get started!

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Domain 1: Wave********.com

Niche: Fishing

Source: ODYS.Global

Age: 2007 (13 years old)


Backlinks: Backlinks from Homestead (DR 91), PopularMechanics (DR 86), Owler, Bassmaster, and 102 other referring domains.

Site History:

WaveSpinReel was a company that designed a unique spool for fishing. The spool was designed in a way that you would never get tangle or a bird’s nest. The spool was patent pending.

Here is a snapshot of the past site:

Listed Price: $1,420

What Would I Do?

If you are building affiliate niche sites, this does not get more relevant. Most fishing affiliate sites will write guides on the “best fishing reel”, “best spool”, etc.

This website has topical authority in this niche and backlink anchor texts such as “WaveSpin Reel” and “WaveSpin spinning reel and MicroWave spinning rod guides”. Very relevant!

This is exactly what I would do:

  • On the homepage, write a getting started guide to fishing (how to start, gear required, etc). On this page, for Google EAT reasons, pay homage to the original owner.

  • Create subpages that cover various fishing buying guides, reviews, how-tos, etc.

This site can be a powerful niche site promoting products from the AvantLink and Impact Radius network of merchants. There are 42 different brands in the Merchant/Fishing category. On Impact Radius, the most notable merchant is Bass Pro Shops, which has high conversion rates. Of course, there is Amazon Associates but diversification is key.

Check out on ODYS

Domain 2: Trail**********.com

Niche: Sports (running)

Domain Source: ODYS.global

Age: 2007 (13 years old)


Backlinks: Notable backlinks from Wikipedia, RunnersWorld, TrailRunnerMag, and 196 other referring domains.

Site History:

This website was a niche site that reviewed running shoes and gear. The site has been around since 2007.

This is what the site looked like in the past:

Listed Price: $2,130

What Would I Do?

This site is a perfect fit to continue doing exactly what the original site was about: a site about running. The topical relevance of this one could not be better.

Here is what I would do:

  • Write running product buying guides and individual reviews

  • Write informative content on trail running

  • Write informative content on the best trails in each city

Easy as that! Nothing crazy here. The site can be an authority in the niche. Any expansion to email marketing (in my opinion) may not be a good fit for this one.

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Domain 3: Urban*******.com

Niche: Parenting

Domain Source: ODYS.global

Age: 2004 (16 years old)


Backlinks: Notable backlinks from TheAtlantic, Eater, LifeHacker, and 301 other referring domains.

Site History:

This was a community of mothers. This is what their about page stated:

urbanMamas.com was born in 2004 as a community of like-minded mamas, a place where Portland parents could share tips, advice, reviews, ideas, fun, challenges, and more.  urbanMamas has grown up over the years, and now uM represents the lifestyle of the mama that treads lightly on the earth, which often means there are many adventures in urban homesteading, preserving, gardening, accomplishing life on bike or alternate transit.

Here is the history snapshot:

Listed Price: $6,390

What Would I Do?

Mommy blogs and parenting blogs are profitable. There are many shoulder niches in this overall category from parenting a baby to a teenager, household, health, DIY, gardening, and more. These are all shoulder niches that can be covered from the perspective of a mother.

Here is what I would do:

  • Pick 2-3 shoulder niches. Treat them as categories. Publish 20-30 articles for each category.

  • Write a mix of information articles and buying guides. In this niche, you will get traction with informative content first, then over time buying guides. This is due to the competition.

  • Start collecting emails as soon as traffic comes in. You can promote your content, products, etc to the email list. There are plenty of these types of blogs doing this successfully. I cover tactics to improve email opt-in conversions in EasyWins.io.

This domain has excellent backlinks to start generating traffic.

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Wrap Up

That’s a wrap. How did you like the domain picks this week?

Any of these domains would be great to build authority sites on. Let me know if any questions!