Weekly Expired Domain Picks: Week 7

My weekly picks of expired domains that can be used to build authority websites. I cover domain stats and my recommended strategy.

Welcome to Week 7! Today, I’ve hand-picked domains from the ODYS marketplace. I cover my recommended growth strategy with each domain. The focus will always be on building authority businesses with these domains (not just niche sites).


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Domain 1: Gram*****.net

Niche: Music

Source: ODYS.Global

Age: 2006 (14 years old)


Backlinks: Backlinks from CBS, Today, Wikipedia, TheSpruce, MacRumors, and 402 other referring domains.

Site History:

Gramophone was a classical music magazine since 1923.

Here is a snapshot of the past site:

Listed Price: $4,270

What Would I Do?

Music lends itself to a very engaged audience. With the history of this domain, a new authority site in this space would do well.

This is exactly what I would do with this domain:

  • Each instrument acts as a “shoulder niche”. Target one instrument as a pillar category, and then expand into another

  • Product reviews of various musical instruments, sound systems, etc.

  • Buying guides for musical instruments, sound systems, etc.

  • Digital products on how to play a specific musical instrument

  • Collect emails from day one with a lead magnet (e.g., getting started with X instrument)

There are many non-Amazon affiliate programs for instruments. For example, Sweetwater, Guitar Center, among others. Many opportunities in this niche.

Check it out on ODYS

Domain 2: Inboard*****.com

Niche: Sports

Domain Source: ODYS.global

Age: 2014 (6 years old)


Backlinks: Notable backlinks from TheAtlantic, Kickstarter, DigitalTrends, AppleInsider, Angel.co, and 150 other referring domains.

Site History:

Inboard was a brand that launched on Kickstarter. They built the world’s first skateboard with a motor.

Here is a snapshot of what the site looked like:

Listed Price: $3,210

What Would I Do?

Build an authority site discussing skateboarding. You can discuss:

  • Informative articles, how-tos

  • Product reviews and buying guides

There are many new skateboards and products coming out

Check it out on ODYS

Domain 3: Way*****Homes.com

Niche: Real Estate

Domain Source: ODYS.global

Age: 2010 (10 years old)


Backlinks: Notable backlinks FoxBusiness, Porch, NewRepublic, StackOverflow, Realtor, Crunchbase, and 152 other referring domains

Site History:

Waypoint Homes started in 2009. They used to buy up houses through foreclosures and short sales, fixing them up, and then renting them out.

Here is the history snapshot:

Listed Price: $2,140

What Would I Do?

This domain would make for an excellent authority site that does the following:

  • Real estate investing how-tos, news, industry updates

  • Reviews of investment firms like syndicates, turnkey services, etc.

  • A newsletter that sends the deal flow to real estate investors

I personally am interested in starting a newsletter in the real estate niche which collates wholesale and turnkey deals from around the U.S., with a focus on high cash flowing areas (e.g., Jacksonville, Atlanta).

Also, there are many turnkey companies like Roofstock.com, that provides access to turnkey properties with property management in place. However, there needs to be a third-party that provides a detailed look into each property, cash flow analysis, comparison, etc. Similar to how this newsletter looks at expired domains.

Interesting project!

Check it out on ODYS


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Wrap Up

That’s a wrap for this week’s domain picks. Any of these domains would be great to build authority sites on. Let me know if any questions!