EasyWins.io - 100+ Strategies to 10X Your Site's Traffic, Revenue, and Valuation

EasyWins is a database of battle-tested proven srategies implemented over 12 years on 175 websites. Get lifetime access! 14 spots only!

I am ecstatic to launch my first product, EasyWins.io. If you are constantly looking for ways to significantly increase your website’s revenue, traffic, and ultimately valuation for a sale, this is the database for you.

These ideas can be applied to any content website monetized by Amazon Associates, other affiliate programs, and/or display advertisements.

As of 11/10/2020, the Launch Promo has ended for EasyWins. The product is now available at the normal price.

📈 What are Easy Wins?

Every website, small with less than 10K or large with 1M pageviews, has opportunities to increase traffic and revenue.

But which improvement will provide the highest impact? What are the easy wins that move the needle?

The solution is EasyWins.io - a proven battle-tested database of strategies that move the needle for your traffic, revenue, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and more.

EasyWins is a sortable database built with Airtable. Each win explains:

  1. The Strategy

  2. Example Screenshots

  3. Win Type (e.g., Revenue, Traffic)

  4. Win Impact

  5. Required Effort

  6. Page Type

These strategies have been tested on 175 websites over the past 12-years. They have fueled several 6-figure website exits.

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👉 Why do I need this?

Do you spend hours trying strategies on your website to grow traffic and income? Save time with this proven database.

You will never run out of innovative strategies for your website. 

There are plenty of people selling courses/products at high-prices with annual recurring fees to get beginners and investors started in website investing.

These courses bombard you with a ton of information. But very few things are actionable and specific.

Easy Wins solves that problem with direct actionable strategies.

👉 Who is this for?

I use this personally for my website portfolio. 

If you are a seasoned expert and want to take your websites to the next level, you will get advanced strategies that will grow your websites exponentially.

If you are a beginner, you will get straight to the point strategies to implement immediately and see results.

👉 What does EasyWins.io not do?

This is not a course or tutorial.

This is a sortable database of 100+ strategies that you can implement today. They are proven to bring results (period). The goal is for you to take a handful of these ideas, implement on your site (with some brief suggestions I’ve provided), monitor growth, and try a few more.

It’s an iterative process that you can apply to EVERY content website.

Like everything in the website investing space, you have to put in the effort to realize growth.

🚀6 Reasons to Get Easy Wins Now

  1. Instant access to 100+ tested and measured strategies

  2. Increase revenue, traffic, and valuations immediately

  3. Made specifically for content websites

  4. Free updates on newly added wins

  5. Anyone can implement this from day one

  6. Currently 40% off for a limited time

Here is an example of an Easy Win:

🔓 Get Access Now for 40% off! Limited time only

For the launch, I am opening this for 14 individual people at a significant 40% discount. First come, first serve. Claim your spot now!

As of 11/10/2020, the Launch Promo has ended for EasyWins. The product is now available at the normal price.

Check out EasyWins.io

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