Websites For Sale: 4 Different Niches (Pet, Fishing, Sports, Business)

Sites are priced from $1,300 to $29,700. They earn via Amazon Associates, private affiliate programs, and display ads. Check. Them. Out!

Continuation from last week, there are 4 content sites for sale. The sites are in the Pet, Fishing, Business, and Sports niches. The listed prices are negotiable.

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Site #1:

  • Niche: Fishing, Outdoors

  • Traffic Source: Organic (95%), others (5%)

  • Earnings: Amazon Affiliate, ImpactRadius, Display Ads (Adsense & Ezoic)

    November 1-9: $180
    L3M: $1180
    L6M: $1,555
    L12M: $1,188

  • Easy Wins: Many of the top traffic pages have easy wins. I cover many of these strategies over at

    A few guaranteed ones:

    1. The comparison tables (example) do not have images or a call-to-action button

    2. Large featured image pushes all content below the fold

    3. Some articles (example) are missing comparison tables altogether

  • Fixer-uppers: There is a magazine called In-Fisherman which has the same words as this domain. There are a few PBN links but those can be disavowed without much impact. A 301 redirect exists from to this domain; both domains are included. The fishing niche is seasonal as seen in the traffic and revenue numbers. However, the new owner can add “ice fishing” related keywords which can even out the seasonality.

  • P&L, and screenshots: Download

  • Price: $29,700 (25x multiple on last 12-months earnings)

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Site #2:

  • Niche: Business, Entrepreneurship

  • Traffic Source: Organic (89%), others (11%)

  • Earnings: TransferWise, Helium 10

    October 2020: $358.92
    L3M: $290.62
    L6M: $292.69
    L11M: $191.37

  • Easy Wins: a review page is generating $250 on average from the TransferWise affiliate program. However, there are no comparison tables, call to action buttons, or popups leading the user to TransferWise. A few other top pages (e.g., Amazon FBAAmazon FBA coursesHelium 10 review) are not monetized effectively either.

  • Fixer-uppers: The domain is branded to an individual, Dom H. Traffic is on a slight decline (the last article update was added on May 24, 2020). The majority of revenue is via TransferWise which can be a risk if they stop the affiliate program or the page loses rankings. The site needs to be diversified long-term.

  • P&L, and screenshots: Download

  • Price:  $8,780 (reduced from $9,299)

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Site #3:

This site uses Private Blog Network (PBN) links. The PBN links were purchased one-time.
  • Niche: Sports

  • Traffic Source: Organic (92%), others (8%)

  • Earnings: Amazon Affiliate, Private Program

    October 2020: $617
    L3M: $611.03
    L6M: $736.67
    L11M: $1,029.43

  • Easy Wins: Images on high-traffic pages are not linked to affiliate programs. Comparison table images are not linked either. Fixing these will increase conversions. 53.88% traffic goes to informative articles and they are unmonetized; add display advertisements to these pages for increased income. The last article was updated on 06/10/2020. Add new content and update old content for a traffic boost.

  • Fixer-uppers: This site has used PBN links to rank (do your due diligence). I would overtime replace PBN links with guest posts, niche edits, and other types of links to minimize risks. More than 50% of traffic goes to two pages; however, they bring in no revenue. Diversification is still needed. All Amazon links are using shortened links (; these will need to be manually replaced on each page. Two Google Analytics tags are added to the site by mistake thus causing double-page views and a close to 0% bounce rate.

  • P&L, and screenshots: Download

  • Price: $20,600

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Site #4:

  • Niche: Pet

  • Traffic Source: Organic (85%), others (15%)

  • Earnings: $0 (Google Adsense installed recently)

  • Fixer-uppers: the site has 80 posts across 52,000 words of content but has not taken off. This would be a good site to improve, add more long-form content, and continue growing. The site age is 11 months.

  • Easy Wins: Improve the site in terms of expanding the content, install SSL, perform basic EAT updates, and improve on-page SEO. Also, an option is to remove content from this site and transfer it to another pet site.

  • Price: $1,300

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Disclaimer: Websites are by nature a risky asset class. You are expected to do your own due diligence. Any purchase you make is at your own risk and liability.

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