I cover why aged domains are my go-to, how to choose one, how I use ODYS.global to find my domains, and my case study results from an aged domain.
Building out an authority website from scratch on an Expired Domain in the Wordpress niche. Month 4 of the Case Study!
Home niche site earning via Amazon. Traffic diversified across many pages. Large upside in optimizing pages and display ads. Several quick wins!
I analyzed all my website sales from January 2018. I share high-level metrics, insights, deal structures, common reasons why sellers sell, and tips.
The revenue for October was $5,221. Conversion rates continue to be low for this site. I unpack the data behind low conversions and confront my…
As an investor, all assets have a lifecycle from acquisition to exit. I lay out the 5 stages of website assets lifecycle, and relate them back to my…
Undermonetized Kitchen niche site earning via Monumetric and Amazon. Traffic diversified across pages. Pages are un-monetized. Great opportunity!
Undermonetized Car niche site earning via Ezoic and Amazon. Traffic diversified across pages. Great opportunity!
EasyWins is a database of battle-tested proven srategies implemented over 12 years on 175 websites. Get lifetime access! 14 spots only!
I will go over how the recent December Google update impacted my portfolio of sites, and my plans for 2021.
Two niche sites earning via Amazon. Traffic diversified across all pages. Great sites to grow into authorities with branded domains!
The website earned $943 in November (compared to $610 in October). Traffic is up 38%. Check out the details on improvements and our "Micro Exit…